Emergency Operation Center (EOC) – Concept of Operation (CONOPS) For MPWT in Cambodia

The Ministry of Public Works and Transportation (MPWT) has increasingly focused its attention on extreme climate events and their impact on Cambodia’s road network. Under the ADB-funded “Climate Resilience for Provincial Road Improvement Project” (CR-PRIP), MPWT aims to promote climate adaptation and environmentally friendly roads. The project will ensure the robustness, safety, pass-ability, and durability of roads by setting up design standards, safety measures, and emergency plans. The CR-PRIP is piloting an emergency management system in the Kampong Leng District by constructing an Emergency Operation Center, provide ferry boats for evaluation of the affected areas, capacity building, and other rehabilitation activities (i.e. water supply, sanitation, electricity, etc.) to enhance community resilience.

This document provides guidelines for the establishment of an Emergency Operation Center (EOC) and its overall operation system. The Concept of Operation (CONOPS) outlines an organized and unified capability for a timely, coordinated response by the MPWT and Kampong Leaeng District Center to natural disasters. It establishes conceptual guidance for assessing and monitoring a developing threat, notifying appropriate provincial and local agencies of the nature of the threat, and the requisite advisory and technical resources to facilitate coordination during the crisis and consequence management activities. Actions will be necessary to continually refine the mission, capabilities, and resources of other supporting departments and agencies; and the actions each agency or department must perform during each phase of the response, to include crisis management and consequence management actions.

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