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With golden sands, azure-hued waters and temperature averages sitting nicely in the mid-20s, the island nation of Dominica in the Caribbean is a picturesque paradise you’d see on a postcard or a screensaver. It’s Dominica’s tropical location that gives it its paradise-like qualities. That same location however, leaves Dominica prone to hurricanes, high-wind, high-rainfall, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis. On September 18 2017, Hurricane Maria struck Dominica, leaving $1.37 billion in losses… Read More

Cyclone early warning systems are the primary sources of information that enable people to develop a preparedness strategy to mitigate the hazards of cyclones to lives and livelihoods. In Bangladesh, cyclone early warnings have significantly decreased the number of cyclone related fatalities over the last two decades. Nevertheless, several challenges remain for existing early warning services (EWS), urging for both technical and non-technical improvements in the said services. Given limited financial resources,… Read More