The Ministry of Public Works and Transportation (MPWT) is increasingly focusing its attention on extreme climate events and their impact on Cambodia’s road network. Under the ADB-funded “Climate Resilience for Provincial Road Improvement Project” (CR-PRIP), MPWT aims to promote climate adaptation and environmentally friendly roads. The project will ensure the robustness, safety, pass-ability, and durability of roads by setting up design standards, safety measures, and emergency plans. The CR-PRIP is piloting an emergency management system in the Kampong Leaeng District by constructing an Emergency Operation Center (EOC) which will provide ferry ferries and inflatable boats for the safe evacuation of the population in affected areas; capacity building; and other rehabilitation activities (e.g. water supply, electricity) to enhance community resilience.
Evacuation planning is a common necessary mitigation factor for a range of risks, and planning should be proportionate to the level of risk. There are a number of cross-cutting issues in evacuation and safe place planning including community perception, acceptance, planning, and include logistics, security, local resilience, infrastructure and the role of local government. Consideration of these will help in understanding the wider impacts and interdependencies that surround an evacuation.
This document describes the community capacity, their perceptions and safety and evacuation needs to manage the disaster. A series of field surveys were conducted at the household level as well as focused group discussions at District and Commune level to identify disaster risks, damages and existing early warning systems. The survey also identified community needs to increase and support their capacity for managing flood risks; safe areas and any renovations or enhancements which are required; safety routes; and other measures required for safe evacuation. Based on the consultation, it has been recommended that six shelters with proper facilities be constructed as model shelters for evacuation during floods. The project will include the provision of water, electricity, land filling, etc to ensure the shelters can accommodate flood victims and provide basic support during an emergency. This report also covers characteristics of the project area (Kampong Leaeng District), the overall risk assessment for the area, historical flood damages and existing early warning systems for Cambodia.
Evacuation effectiveness can be improved by clear communication of risks and actions to take in the event of an emergency. To this end, the ‘Concept of Operation (CONOP) for Emergency Operation’ describes the plan for emergency communications and early warning dissemination and the Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) document describes the operation procedures and other advice for evacuation.

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