Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) for Emergency Response to Flood

The Ministry of Public Works and Transportation (MPWT) has increasingly focused its attention on extreme climate events and their impact on Cambodia’s road network. Under the ADB-funded “Climate Resilience for Provincial Road Improvement Project” (CR-PRIP), MPWT aims to promote climate adaptation and environmentally friendly roads. The project will ensure the robustness, safety, pass-ability, and durability of roads by setting up design standards, safety measures, and emergency plans. The CR-PRIP is piloting an emergency management system in the Kampong Leaeng District by constructing an Emergency Operation Center by providing ferry boats, inflatable boats for evacuation of the population in affected areas, capacity building, and other rehabilitation activities (i.e. water supply, sanitation, electricity, etc.) to enhance community resilience.

There has been a constant realization that effective and holistic disaster risk mitigation requires greater multi-sectorial collaboration. For any disaster management organization should have written guidelines that defined precisely how operations were to be conducted. These guidelines, often called standard operating procedures or SOPs, are “organizational directives that establish a standard course of action.” In other words, SOPs are written guidelines that explain what is expected and required of disaster response personal in performing their jobs. A comprehensive set of SOPs defines in significant detail how the organization intends to operate.

The purpose of this document is to provide standard operation procedures for Emergency Information Center (EIC) at the MPWT and the Emergency Operation Center (EOC) at Kampong Leaeng District. This report also describes the operation procedures for the ferry boats and inflatable boats for emergency rescue activities and Drone operation during disaster period.

An EOC has planned to establish in Kampong Leaeng District for 24/7 Operation facilities. A Concept of Operations (CONOPS) document has been produced to guide the management, organization, responsibilities, and coordination necessary to provide for effective response and recovery from any emergency at community level. The SOP document is the follow up document of CONOPS and more an operational document and will be updated based on the needs or adjustment.

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