Strengthening Disaster Preparedness of Agricultural Sector in China

The “Strengthening Disaster Preparedness of Agricultural Sector in China (TCP 3105)” Project was funded by Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) in Juye County Shandong Province being implemented from August 2007 to December 2009. The Chinese governmental counterpart institutions include: (i) Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) as national level counterpart; (ii) Shandong Provincial Department of Agriculture; (iii) Juye County Government of Shandong Province. Within the framework of the National Policy and priorities of the Governmental new legislation (2005) on natural disaster prevention, the overall project objective was to assist MOA in testing and operationalizing, on pilot basis in Juye County, the process of shifting from an emergency response focused intervention approach towards a natural disaster risk prevention/preparedness oriented approach in the agricultural sector.

Three project outputs to be achieved in the three implementing years included: i) Improved early warning system for flood and drought disasters and agriculture and market information system (from Provincial to village level); ii) Enhanced Operational Disaster Risk Management Plans for county level with focus on natural disaster risk prevention and preparedness; iii) Establishment and empowerment of farmer organizations in order to enable them participating in and contributing to community disaster risk management (CDRM). Following relevant county governmental agencies in Juye participated in the project: Agricultural Bureau; Water Resource Bureau; Meteorological Bureau; Fishery Bureau; Land Administration Bureau; Bureau of Civil Affaires; County All China Women’s Federation; Livestock Bureau.

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